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SYSTEMA Jogjakarta Indonesia (SJI) – also known as SYSTEMA Indonesia is the pioneer of SYSTEMA School in the Republic of Indonesia.

Acknowledged by SYSTEMA Headquarters Toronto, since 2009 our school have organized Russian Martial Art training with students, professionals, & instructors from 13 countries.

Dedication & passion to provide the best SYSTEMA training experience in Indonesia,  explains why students from more than 12 cities in Sumatra, Java, Bali, Sulawesi, & Borneo islands have decided to come & train with our team of Certified Instructors in Yogyakarta.

With no belts or any kind of hierarchy, men & women of any ages can train together as equals at our school. Everyone, from a complete newbie to seasoned fighters are welcomed.

If you are looking for a borderless place to discover & learn SYSTEMA, our friendly & supportive community might be the perfect destination for your training journey in Indonesia.