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Founder and Head Instructor of SYSTEMA Jogjakarta Indonesia.

A lifetime student at heart with more than 15 years of experience in martial arts, he was a Black Belt in Aikido and Assistant-Instructor in Pencak Silat.

With more than 10 years of training in SYSTEMA, Dhany Makita was designated as full instructor by Vladimir Vasiliev, the founder and Head Instructor of SYSTEMA Headquarters Toronto, Canada.

As the first and only Full Instructor in Indonesia, Dhany believes that learning and self-improvement is a never ending journey – you can always learn from everyone else, regardless their martial arts background.


Appointed to become SYSTEMA Instructor-in-Training by Vladimir Vasiliev since 2014.

Known by local martial artist comunity as “The Highlander”, with more than 50 years of experience in martial arts.

He was a Black Belt in Kempo, Instructor in Kung Fu, Instructor in Pencak Silat, and Instructor in Kuntau Borneo, with significant real life fighting experience during his younger days.

In addition to advanced conceptual knowledge and methods in martial art, Heru Sambawa was also a Yoga Rama (Master) who studied for years in Kerala, India and Tibet.

After getting heart attack and cardiac surgery in his 60s, he has amazingly recovered to the fullest and still continues training and teaching SYSTEMA in our School.

He is looking to improve people’s health and life quality through SYSTEMA.

Heru Sambawa passed away on March 2017 – his soul may have rest, but his legacy continues within SYSTEMA Jogjakarta Indonesia.


Appointed to become SYSTEMA Instructor-in-Training by Vladimir Vasiliev since 2014.

In addition to his passion in Russian Martial Art, he has great passion in music performance and art as well.

Richardus Ardita have trained SYSTEMA for kids for several years and hosted few workshops of Russian Martial Art in Yogyakarta.

He still continue his training and have a great ideas to explain SYSTEMA in the simple and interesting way, especially for those who are new or even have no experience in martial art training.

According to him, SYSTEMA’s freedom of movement and unique perspective can help you in thinking outside the box, achieving things that you might never imagine before.