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Throughout our life, institutions have taught us to think & act in a very standardized way.

Educations are failing as reality can never be standardized or even be fully controlled.

So true professionals have to be able to work with limited informations & uncertainty.

While most modern society are still struggling to deal with such difficult expectations, Russian Warriors from the 10th centuries have found the answer.

Having fought all the fiercest invaders in such deadly geography, this is the way of learning that helped their nation thrive into one of the military superpowers.

This is SYSTEMA.


SYSTEMA is a holistic approach for self-discovery & self-improvement.

Since the very first training experience, you will be challenged by our enormous range of training that will goes way beyond your wildest limit on “mixed martial art”.

Every sessions are filled with multi-dimensions of training perspective that can improve almost every other aspects in your training, combat, & life performance.

This is the higher level of martial art education as the learning process will be centered on each participants needs and how to fulfill those needs in independent way.

Beyond developing each other, this highly productive learning ecosystem will also continue the training process outside the class, as we live our daily life.


Our synergy of combat skills, strong spirit, & healthy body creates the true warriors.

As you throw away more needless techniques & tensions out from yourself, instinctive reactions & strong characteristics that is designed for fast learning will start to take over.

Every seasoned SYSTEMA practitioners knows that this kind of training will require more than just hard work – as it creates unimaginable physical pain & strong emotional challenge.

This SYSTEM will take you closest to human limitations, but amazingly it will make your body to become more healthy & powerful without even changing who you trully are.

In conclusion, SYSTEMA warriors are the best assets for every organizations, as they are highly reliable both working alone or in group. Probably the way visionary leaders looks like.


Everyone can benefit from our SYSTEMA training, as this is a universal & very integrated approach in developing human body, mind, & soul.

SYSTEMA is all about understanding who you really are. Having a better self-understanding can only brings improvement to anyone, regardless their age, gender, & personal background.

Martial arts practitioners, military officers, or security professionals  might find out that SYSTEMA can fill many important holes that you have missed from your previous training.

New students or even anyone who has zero experience in martial arts will find out that this is the most refreshing, healthy & enjoyable way to start their training on martial arts.

A hard & stiff wooden stick will break, while a resilient bamboo can bend further & recover to their original form. SYSTEMA can help anyone to become stronger through resilience.


Benefits on any aspects of your training can be felt since the first time you come to our class, as SYSTEMA’s approach is very practical in terms of training.

Degrees of improvement varies as it’s determined by your dedication in training, depth of understanding, & even willingness to pay the price (time, energy, effort, & other resources).

As our physical, emotional, & situational conditions will constantly changes from time to time, we need to keep adjusting ourself & get the best understanding to our current condition.

Years of time in SYSTEMA learning does not make you a master or even a ‘black belt’ in SYSTEMA. In fact, we don’t have any ranks to be proud about. Learning is for a lifetime.

Not everyone can benefit from training like an athlete, but everyone needs to fight the war of their life & careers to become more successful. We don’t make athletes, we make ‘warriors’.